Please post any comments you may have about my work and I will update this Guest Book with your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to review my work.

Your wonderful work

I love the way you could walk through your woodland scenes, and kick the leaves around. I love the way you could walk along your beaches and splash in the puddles. But most of all I love the palette of colours that you use, really unique. It's a joy to see something different, inspiring and uplifting - don't ever stop painting!
Sally Phillips

your artwork

How wonderful your work is i think breathtaking is the word. I particularly fell in love with the woodland walk maybe i have been there ?. You are a brilliant artist and photographer. Looking forward to seeing your future gallery Dawn.
Judith James
Judith James


It's always a delight to view your work. I love your use of colour and particularly like the woodland scenes.
On screen, the pictures can't do justice to the way your painting has brightened my living room!
I look forward to seeing new pieces as they appear.
Sheryl Smith

Guest Book entry

You have some truly beautiful work here, I particularly like the Pembrokeshire pieces as the colours are so typical of the region. They are very observant of the landscape that I know and love. Keep up the good work!
Claire Perks